24/7 Library Opening from Monday 21st November

3 differently coloured alarm clocks

24-hour library opening begins on Monday 21st November and will continue until 8:00pm on Friday 16th December. That’s 4 weeks of the Library being continuously open. If you need a safe and quiet space to study at 3am then we’ve got you covered!

Security staff will be on duty overnight and the self-service book issue kiosks and returns machine will be available as usual. Library staff will be at home asleep (zzzzzz….) but if you have any questions during the overnight period please email library@rgu.ac.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Library staff will be on duty for the usual 90 hours per week of our standard opening hours.

Costa Coffee on Level 2 will be open normal hours but from 10:00pm a complimentary drink station will be available near the SIWB reception area with free tea and coffee available. Microwaves are available in the refectory area on Level 2 and the vending machines will be stocked with a variety of soups and snacks. The vending machines can be found on Level 2 of the building (to the left when exiting the lift).

Our new rules about eating and drinking apply, as blogged about previously. You can take in your coffee and cold snacks but please don’t bring in any hot food. Floor 8 is bottled water only to allow for those with allergies, who are fasting, or who do not like the smells! This should be consumed outside of the library. Please help our cleaning staff by tidying up after yourself and placing all rubbish in the appropriate bins.

Whilst studying overnight in the Library, please take regular breaks and look after yourself. Sleep is just as important as study for good exam results so go home when you feel tired and get some rest.

Please stay safe and make travel plans for getting home. If you’re struggling to get home and don’t have money to pay for a taxi then the Student Union operate a Safe Taxi scheme where you can use your student card to guarantee payment.

We hope you find these extra opening hours useful and look forward to hearing your feedback

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