Westlaw – problems with eBook access – update

At the start of the semester we reported that there were problems with the eBooks on the Westlaw platform. These problems have continued over the last few weeks and meant that we were able to access over 200 eBooks on Westlaw that were not part of our subscription i.e. that we should not have had access to.

We have now had notification from Thomson Reuters that a fix has been applied to the platform and we can report that the problem has been partially resolved with access to a large number of eBooks that are not part of our subscription having been removed.

However a few problems do remain. We have lost access to the following titles we should be able to access:

Archbold Criminal Pleading Evidence and Practice

IDS Employment Law Cases

Sentencing Referencer

And still have access to a few titles that we should not be able to access:

Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance

Costs & Funding following the Civil Justice Reforms: Questions & Answers

Illegality and Public Policy

Inheritance Act Claims

Muir Watt & Moss: Agricultural Holdings

Renton & Brown’s Statutory Offences

We have reported this and will update further once we have heard back from the company.

Westlaw access problems

We are sorry to report that there are currently problems accessing all content on Westlaw e.g. cases, legislation, journal articles, eBooks etc.

When trying to open any full text you get the following error message:




The company are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing and will update when we know more.

Westlaw – problems with eBook access

We are sorry to report that there are currently problems with access to eBooks on Westlaw.

Our subscription to Westlaw gives access to approx. 65 eBooks as well as the cases, legislation etc. However a new platform was launched recently and we are currently able to access nearly 300 titles on this new site.

The company is working to resolve this problem and we will update once we get more details.

Please note that once the problem is fixed we will lose access to all the titles that are not part of our subscription.