eBook access problems

We recently launched a scheme that gave you access to a wide range of eBooks which were automatically bought for you if accessed for more than 5 minutes.

This scheme has now come to an end and we are removing all the records for the eBooks that were not bought from the library catalogue. While these records are being removed you may try and access eBooks and be told you can not get access. We apologise for this problem, if this happens please email library@rgu.ac.uk with the book information and we will investigate for you.

Problems with eBook access – update

We are pleased to report that the access problems reported yesterday for the eBook scheme detailed in this post have nearly all been fixed and nearly all of the eBooks are now accessible and can be previewed and then requested.

However there are still some titles where problems are being reported and access will be denied. We are working with the company to identify the problem books and hope to have this resolved soon.

If you have any questions about eBook access please get in touch at library@rgu.ac.uk and we apologise for the incovenience this is causing.