OpenAIR@RGU – monthly update (no.23 – November 2018)


Welcome to the twenty-third monthly update on OpenAIR@RGU – RGU’s open access institutional repository. Please direct any queries to the team at


The repository currently contains 3,089 links between Schools and outputs (some records are linked to multiple Schools and therefore included in this figure more than once). Some examples of recent additions to the repository include the following outputs:

  • = FREIER, D., MUHAMMAD-SUKKI, F., ABU-BAKAR, S.H., RAMIREZ-INIGUEZ, R., MUNIR, A.B., YASIN, S.H.M., BANI, N.A., MAS’UD, A.A., ARDILA-REY, J.A., KARIM, M.E. and YUSOFF, Z. 2018. Simulating the annual energy yield of a rotationally asymmetrical optical concentrator. In Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 7th international conference on photonoics (ICP) 2018, 9-11 April 2018, Langkawi, Malaysia. Piscataway: IEEE [online], article ID 8533197. Available from:

Each School currently has the following number of records on OpenAIR (research data is in a separate diagram):




This month, there have been a total of 12,971 downloads from OpenAIR. The most downloaded items include:


The most downloaded theses this month include:

  • = LAING, A.F. 2008. Bookselling culture and consumer behaviour: marketing strategies and responses in traditional and online environments. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (247 downloads)
  • = ROBERTSON, D.M. 2012. Critical thinking and clinical reasoning in new graduate occupational therapists: a phenomenological study. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (178 downloads)
  • = CLEVERLEY, P.H. 2017. Re-examining and re-conceptualising enterprise search and discovery capability: towards a model for the factors and generative mechanisms for search task outcomes. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (176 downloads)

The above data were correct at the time of writing (27.11.2018).


IT Scheduled Outage Saturday 1st December

IT Services have today published the following information regarding scheduled IT maintenance on Saturday 1st December.  For Library users this means that all of our PCs and thin clients will be unavailable from 8am to 12 noon on Saturday 1st December.  Access to network drives and MyApps will also be unavailable during the maintenance window.  It will still be possible to use personal equipment via the eduroam network during that time.

The full IT Services notice is as follows:

IT Services will be carrying out essential work on Saturday the 1st December beginning at 0800hrs. This work has been identified by ITS and 3rd party support following on from the outages on Wednesday the 21st November, and is required to mitigate against further disruption. 

Access to H:, S:, O: and other data stores will be unavailable from 8am until 12noon

The following services will only be available if you connect via Eduroam or if you are off campus  between 8am and 12noon

Thin client access will be unavailable from 8am until 12 noon

All other services will be at risk from 8 a.m. until 14:00 on Saturday .

Please download materials in advance of the outage should you need them over the weekend.

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we undertake this critical piece of work.

Thank you

IT Services

24/7 Library Opening

The Library will be open 24/7 from Monday 26th November until 8.00pm on Friday 21st December.

Security staff will be on duty overnight and the self-service kiosks and returns machine will be available as usual. If you have any questions during these times, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

During our extended hours, Costa will be open from 8.00am until midnight Monday to Friday and 9.00am until midnight Saturday and Sunday. Papa John’s will be open from 11.00am until 10.00pm Monday to Friday. Vending machines and microwaves are available on Level 2a.

The usual rules about eating and drinking in the library still apply so please don’t bring coffee, tea or snacks into the study areas. Bottled water only please!

Please stay safe and make travel plans accordingly. First Aberdeen timetables are available here.

We hope you find these extra opening hours useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Economist Access Problems

We are currently experiencing problems access the Economist.

We apologise for the incovenience this is causing, we are investigating this with the company and will update once we have more information.

In the meantime there is a potential workaround which has had success for some students (although not all).

On Campus

  • Go to
  • It should recognise you are on campus and give you access without the need to log in
  • Look down the page for the “previous editions” link to access older material

Off Campus

  • Go to the RGU website and click Current Students at the top of the screen
  • When on the Current Students page click Access to Apps
  • Log in with your RGU username and password when prompted (you may need to download the citrix receiver but the screeen will guide you)
  • Once logged in look for either Internet Explorer or Firefox and open them up – this replicates being on campus
  • Then simply follow the steps listed for On Campus students above


Trial access to Jisc Geospatial Data now available

The library is pleased to announce that we have trial access of the Jisc Geospatial Data resource until July 2019.

Jisc Geospatial Data gives access to maps and map data within the following collections: Environment, Geology, Historic, Marine and Ordnance Survey.

A link to the resource can be found on our A-Z resource list but here is the access information for you:

  • Go to:
  • Click Account in the top right and then Login
  • You will then be asked to search for your institution, look for Robert Gordon University and select it
  • Log in with your RGU username and password

Please note the first time you Login you will be asked to accept licenses for all the collections we have access to. Please ensure you read these as there are restrictions on what you can do with the map data.

Once logged in you will see the following on the menu bar:

  • Discover – gives information about the data sets included
  • Resources – gives user guides to the resource – please explore these to find out how to select the data you are looking at and use the tools on offer
  • Map – gives access to the map data and associated tools

Please remember the trial will continue until July 2019.