Journal list and Full Text @ RGU problems are ongoing

We are sorry to report that the Journal list and Full Text @ RGU problems originally reported on Friday of last week are still ongoing.

We apologise for the incovenience this is causing. The problem is being investigated and we will update again when we know more.

Journal list and Full Text @ RGU not working

There are currently problems with the main journal list and the Full Text @ RGU service which helps you track down articles e.g.

ftf 2

The journals list is not showing the electronic or print holidings for a large number of the journals which RGU provided access to.

The Full Text @ RGU service is likewise showing no availability for articles which should be accessible.

This has been reported to all relevant parties and they are working to resolve this problem. We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing and we will update you when we know more.

IBISWorld now available!


RGU library is pleased to announce that the database IBISWorld is now available!

IBISWorld gives access to a collection of industry market research reports and business environment profiles. The university has access to the following main modules:

  • UK Industry Reports (UK SIC)
  • US Industry Reports (NAICS)
  • China Industry Reports
  • UK Business Environment Profiles
  • US Business Environment Profiles

Along with access to a range of UK Brexit Impact Statements.

IBISWorld can be accessed using your RGU username and password from the A-Z list of databases or from relevant subject database lists on either the main or additional databases page (Business and Management, Fashion Management, Journalism, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality).

For further details about searching, browsing and what you will find in the reports and profiles please explore the IBISWorld Guide.

MyiLibrary ebook print/download quotas

We have received the following guidance from MyiLibrary regarding print/download quotas for ebooks on their platform.  Please contact us at if more information is needed, thank you.

MyiLibrary offers a %-based PMP/DMP (print multiple pages/download multiple pages). The total number of pages allowed is subject to publisher approval and for most publishers it is 10% per session with the exception of Pearson and OUP at 5%.

What this means for the students, is that when downloading a page range from a particular e-book, they would be advised of the maximum number of pages they may download:

Download page range

Once they have taken their %quota they are not permitted to download any more pages from the same e-book, and so if they try to download a further 10% they would receive a message stating this:

Download page range

Since copyright law does not allow students to print out more than a specified percentage of an e-book, when it seems that they are actively downloading/printing out substantial sections of the e-book and in some cases, the whole e-book by downloading in batches via different sessions/IPs, then we would investigate to see if a breach of the download agreement has occurred.

If we feel this to be the case, then MyiLibrary will take steps to prevent the excessive usage by switching off the PMP/DMP facility for the whole account. We would also contact the University with statistics evidence to request that they investigate as a priority.