New collections available on Digimap

We are pleased to announce that we now have 2 new collections available on Digimap. Joining the current collections of Ordnance Survey, Historic, Geology, Marine, Environment, Aerial and Lidar, are the Global and the Society collections.

Global provides access to global datasets, including OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth.

Society provides a wealth of census and socio-economic data for Great Britain that is layered over the ordnance survey maps.

You can access Digimap via the A-Z database list.

Digimap: new collection available

One of the key resources made available by the Library is Digimap. This is an online mapping and data delivery service from Edina and we have access to the following collections: Ordnance Survey, Historic, Geology, Marine, Environment, Aerial and Lidar.

We are pleased to announce that RGU students and staff can now access the Pilot Digimap collection as well. Pilot Digimap will give access to new datasets on a time-limited trial basis. This allows users to test and rate interest in the datasets using the star rating system in Pilot Roam. Edina will then investigate the datasets further based on the feedback and may make them permanently available.

Initially, Pilot Digimap will offer the following:

      • UKMap: a modern, highly detailed, feature-rich mapping database of Greater London.
      • UKBuildings: a unique database created and regularly updated to help you understand the age, structure, characteristics and use, of commercial, public and residential buildings across the UK.
      • UKLand: a maintained, national land information database providing a detailed consistent breakdown of the use of land across the UK.
      • EDINA Satellite data collection initially consisting of: Sentinel 2 derived cloud free optical mosaic for Great Britain, 2019 and Sentinel 2 derived Near Infrared mosaic for Great Britain, 2019.

These collections will be available for free through Pilot Digimap until 31st July 2020 and Edina will continue to add new datasets when they become available.

You can access Digimap from the Database A-Z list.

Trial access to Global Digimap until July 2019

The library is pleased to announce that we have trial access, until 31st July 2019, to a new collection on Digimap: Global Digimap.

The service aims to provide global datasets in cartographic styles and downloadable formats and is being offered as a trial because it is in development and Digimap would like feedback from the user community about the content and functionality.

You can access the collection by logging into Digimap as usual from the A-Z Database list and then selecting the Global heading. Please note the first time you access the resource you will need to accept a license, please read the terms and conditions as they inform you about what you can do, or not do, with the data from this resource.








In addition please note that the service is built around OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth datasets and you can see more about these datasets in this blog notice.

If you have any feedback about this service please let contact the Digimap University Rep or you can contact the Digimap team directly at

Resource spotlight: Digimap

Digimap is an online mapping and data delivery service that offers the students and staff at RGU access to a number of map data collections:

Ordnance Survey – OS maps covering the whole of Great Britain and at scales ranging from 1:1250 up to 1:750000.

Historic – historical maps of Great Britain, the originals of which were published between 1846 and 1996.

Geology – geological map data from the British Geological Survey (BGS).

Marine – raster nautical charts and Marine Themes vector data from the UK Hydrographic Office.

Environment – land cover data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Separate datasets are available for 1990, 2000, 2007 and 2015. Also included are Dudley Stamp’s maps of the 1930’s Land Utilisation Survey of Britain.

Aerial –  high quality aerial photography of Great Britain.

Lidar – lidar data derived from the Environment Agency, showing Digital Terrain Models (DTM) of the bare earth surface and Digital Surface Models (DSM) that show the vegetation canopy.

You can use Digimap to zoom in on your area of interest, print maps in A4 to A0 size, annotate maps, download maps in PDF, PNG or JPG files and download the data for use in GIS and CAD software.

To access Digimap simply follow the link from our database lists:

A-Z list of databases

And please be aware that the first time you access Digimap you will need to register and accept the user licenses for each individual area and that the maps can only be used for academic / education purposes.