Library classes this week

For the rest of this week the following programme of library classes and group sessions will be running. If you would like to attend a session follow the links to go to the booking form and sign up. Each class will last for one hour and take place in 337 in the Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre for the classes or Project Pod Kappa for the group bookings.

To see the full programme of classes over the next semester follow this link.


Publishers to Start Requiring ORCID iDs

In early December, The Royal Society announced that it would be requiring contributing authors to have an ORCID iD in order to publish in their journals from January 1, 2016. Now, they and several other publishers have signed an open letter committing to requiring ORCID iDs during 2016 – and are calling on others to follow suit.  Read more about this

UK Data Service Webinar – Data Sources for Research Students

On the 28th October 3pm to 4pm GMT the UK Data Service is running a webinar about data sources for research students. The session is described as:

  • This hour long online session will discuss the range of major data sources available within the UK, both within and outside the UK Data Service that are available for reuse by research students.
  • We will provide a brief introduction to:
    • What data are available
    • Why so many successful postgraduates researchers opt to re-use existing data
    • Where you can find out more
  • The session will be composed of a hour presentation by staff from the UK Data Service and the Administrative Data Service followed by opportunities to ask questions.
  • The webinar is open to all, but is likely to be of particular interest to final year undergraduate students and masters students who are considering doing a research degree.

If you are intrested in attending this webinar please follow this link and sign up:

And you can see other webinars that the UK Data Sevice is running by taking a look at their events page:

Data Sets Available to All

The UK Data Service issue regular alerts when new data sets are released. They hold a huge variety of data and some examples from the latest releases include:

Patient and surgeon decision-making in risk-reducing mastectomy” ; “The support priorities of multiply excluded homeless people” ; “Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom: Exploring the Social Subjectivity of Disaffection” ; “Negotiating Managed Consumption: Young People, Branding and Social Identification Processes” ; “Post-conflict Identities: Practices and Affiliations of Somali Refugee Children” ; “Understanding Homeowners’ Renovation Decisions”; and fascinatingly “Gender and the Conservative Party

If you would like to be included in alerts, contact Jane Williams

Using Census Information in your research

The UK Data Service Census Portal offers researchers a wealth of information and tools on the UK population, including:

  • Boundary and geographical data sets
  • Flow Data – also known as interaction data – data related to flows of people between places
  • Microdata – cross-sectional census data which are anonymised individual level records sampled from a single census.

The UK Data service also offers specialist expertise in several applied research areas related to the census. Go to or contact Jane Williams (