OpenAIR@RGU – monthly update (no.2 – February 2017)


Welcome to the second monthly update on OpenAIR@RGU – RGU’s open access institutional repository. Please direct any queries to the team at


We have made two improvements to the repository service this month:

  • In response to requests from RGU staff, we will now send out e-mails to notify when an item on OpenAIR comes out of embargo.
  • The OpenAIR policy has been updated. The full document is available to view here.


The repository currently contains 2,017 records. Some examples of recent additions to the repository include the following outputs:

  • = GARBA, A. and KISHK, M. 2016. A techno-economic comparison of biomass thermo-chemical systems for sustainable electricity in Nigerian rural areas. In the Proceedings of the 5th IET International Conference on Renewable Power Generation (RPG), 21 -23 September 2016, London, UK. New York: IET [online]. Available from:
  • = TODD, N. and EZEANI, E.C. 2016. Adjudication costs under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996: the attractions of Singapore’s Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2004. Juridical Review [online], 2016(4), pages 315-336. Available from:
  • = CLEAR, T., MCDERMOTT, R., PARSJÖ, E., CAJANDER, Å., DANIELS, M. and LAGERQVIST, N. 2016. A framework for writing learning agreements. In the Proceedings of the IEEE Frontiers in Education 2016 Conference (FIE 2016): the Crossroads of Engineering and Business, 12-15 October 2016, Erie, USA. Piscataway: IEEE [online], 8 pages. Available from:

Each School currently has the following number of records on OpenAIR (research data is in a separate diagram):




This month, there have been a total of 8,145 downloads from OpenAIR. The most downloaded items include:


  • = TOURISH, D. and HARGIE, O. 2004. Communication audits: building world class communication systems. In OLIVER, S. (ed.) Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations: Pure and Applied. London: Routledge, pages 131-144. (79 downloads)
  • = GULARI, M.N., FAIRBURN, S. and MALINS, J. 2013. Assessing the effectiveness of design-led innovation support for SMEs. In Crafting the Future. Proceedings of the 10th European Academy of Design Conference [EAD 10]. 17-19 April 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden. Lancaster: European Academy of Design [online]. Available from: (74 downloads)

The most downloaded theses this month include:

  • = VISWANATHAN, A. 2005. Using Orthogonal Arrays to Train Artificial Neural Networks. Robert Gordon University, MPhil thesis. (308 downloads)
  • = SSENDI, L.B. 2013. Entrepreneurship Activities in Rural Tanzania: Understanding Women’s Micro Business. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (126 downloads)
  • = ROBERTSON, D.M. 2012. Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning in New Graduate Occupational Therapists: a Phenomenological Study. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (65 downloads)

The above data was correct at the time of writing (21.02.2017).

Classes and drop-ins this week

This week the library is running a number of sessions on Harvard Referencing, RefWorks and Finding Information for your assignments and dissertations. Take a look at the timetable and sign up here

If you can’t make it along to one of the scheduled sessions, don’t worry! We offer drop-in appointments at the main library in the Sir Ian Wood Building every morning and afternoon Mon-Fri. No need to sign up – just come along with your question. Drop-in times can be viewed here


Access problems to OUP Journals – Update

On the 10th February we reported access issues to Oxford University Press journals and we are pleased to report that these journals and the articles within them can now all be accessed fully.

There is still an issue with some articles showing a “shopping cart” icon next to them implying they need to be bought but if you follow the link to the article you will get access to the full text. Oxford University Press are working on fixing this icon problem.


New IMechE journals available





RGU library is pleased to announce that a new subscription has given us access to an additional journals from the IMechE alongside the titles we previously had access to. We now have access to the following 18 titles:

International Journal of Engine Research

The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers:

Part A: Journal of Power And Energy
Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture
Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering
Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering
Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit
Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering
Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine
Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering
Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology
Part K: Journal of Multi-body Dynamics
Part L: Journal of Materials Design and Applications
Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment
Part N: Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems
Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability
Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology

All the titles can be found on our main journals list which can be accessed from the library home page using the Find a Journal search box:





Simply search for the journal title and then follow the links provided to get access to the journal contents.