Problems accessing IEEE Xplore and a workaround




We are currently experiencing problems accessing IEEE Xplore. When following the link from our database lists users are being refused access and are seeing the error message: Connection refused by, please try again later.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. We have reported this to the company and are working to identify and problem and put a solution in place.

While this problem is being investigated it is still possible to get access through a different route.

If you are on campus simply go to It will recognise you are on campus and give you access to the database.

If you are off campus please follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click Institutional Sign In
  • Click the Shibboleth Symbol
  • Browse or search for Robert Gordon University and then click the link
  • This will take you to an RGU log in screen, log in with your RGU username and password.

You should then be given access to the database.


24/7 Library Opening





24 hour opening has now begun and the library will be open continuously until 8.00pm on Friday 19th January.

Security staff will be on duty from 10.30pm until 08.00am and the self-service kiosks and returns machine will be available as usual. If you have any questions during these times, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Costa will be open from 6.00am until midnight during this period. Outside these hours a Flavia tea and coffee machine will be available at a cost of 50p near reception in the Sir Ian Wood Building.

The usual rules about eating and drinking in the library still apply so we would ask that you don’t bring coffee, tea or snacks into the study areas. Bottled water only please! Free reusable RGU Library water bottles are available from reception.

Please stay safe and make travel plans accordingly. First Aberdeen will be running an overnight bus service from Monday 8th January. Buses will depart from outside the Health & Social Care building at 01.15, 02.15, 03.15 and 04.15. (Please note that this is a free service which will be reviewed following the first week of provision and will continue only if viable. The service will not  run at weekends).

We hope you find these extra opening hours useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.