Disruption to eBooks access – further update

Last month we reported that due to the closure of one of our eBook suppliers we would be working with other companies to move our eBooks to a new platform.

We are pleased to report that over 99% of the eBooks have now been moved from Dawsonera to VLeBooks and the last few titles (just under 20) are still being investigated.

In addition links to the eBooks on LibrarySearch and the online Reading Lists have now been updated as well so they all go to the new platform However if you have any problems accessing the eBooks or any other queries please contact library@rgu.ac.uk.

Disruption to eBooks access – update

From today, 31st July 2020, the Dawsonera eBook platform will no longer be available. This is because the company have ceased ceasing trading and as reported last week there will be a short period of disruption while we move the eBooks to new plaforms.

At this time over 96% of our Dawsonera books have been moved to a new platform, VLeBooks, and the final 4% are being worked on.

All links on LibrarySearch and Reading Lists will be updated as soon as possible but while this work is happening you can access Dawsonera books on their new platform:

    • Go to http://www.vlebooks.com/vleweb?id=RobertGord
    • Log in, if prompted, with your RGU username and password
    • Search for the title of your book
    • Look through the results, find the book, click full details and then read online to access the book

The link to VLeBooks can also be found on the A-Z database list.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing and if you have any queries please contact library@rgu.ac.uk.

Disruption to eBooks access

Dawsonera, one of the library’s eBook platforms, which provides nearly 3000 titles, has ceased trading. As a result, the RGU library is working with other eBook suppliers to move impacted titles to new platforms, which means links to Dawsonera eBooks on LibrarySearch and your online Reading Lists will be updated.

However, as this change has impacted a large number of universities and colleges across UK, the transition is a significant piece of work and there may be a period of time in August when these eBooks are inaccessible. However, we will try to minimise any disruption as much as possible and will provide updates on the Library Blog.

Therefore, we would advise that if you need to consult any eBooks over the next few weeks to follow these steps now:

      • Go to LibrarySearch and search for the eBook
      • Once you have found it click the title to get the full record and look at the View Online link to see if the eBook is from RGU Dawsonera e.g.

      • If it is from RGU Dawsonera please consult the eBook now rather than at the start of August in case there is a gap in the access.

If you have any queries please contact library@rgu.ac.uk.

Westlaw eBook problems resolved

Over the last few months we have experienced problems with access to eBooks on the Westlaw platform. We have essentially been able to access titles that were not part of our subscription; more information about the problem can be seen here.

We are pleased to report that these problems have now been resolved and the eBooks accessible on the platform are the ones included within our subscription.

You can see a list of what titles are available to access here: Westlaw eBooks for RGU students and staff.

Westlaw – problems with eBook access – December update

Throughout this semester we have had a range of problems with accessing eBooks on Westlaw. Essentially these problems mean that we have been able to access books that are not part of our subscription. More information can be seen in the previous posts.

Unfortunately we have to report that these problems are still in place. While most of the issues have been resolved we are still getting access to 16 titles that we should not have access to, these titles are:

Comparative Law of Security Interests and Title Finance, 3rd Ed.
Conflict of Laws and International Finance, 2nd Ed.
Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance, 1st Ed.
Costs & Funding following the Civil Justice Reforms: Questions & Answers 5th Ed.
Cousins: The Law of Mortgages, 4th Ed.
Illegality and Public Policy, 4th Ed.
Inheritance Act Claims, 4th Ed.
International Insolvency: Jurisdictions of the World, 1st Ed.
International Loans, Bonds, Guarantees, Legal Opinions, 3rd Ed.
Muir Watt & Moss: Agricultural Holdings, 15th Ed.
Principles of International Insolvency, 3rd Ed.
Project Finance, Securitisations, Subordinated Debt, 3rd Ed.
Regulation of International Finance, 2nd Ed.
Renton & Brown’s Statutory Offences
Security Interests and Title Finance: Jurisdictions of the World, 1st Ed.
Set-Off and Netting, Derivatives, Clearing Systems, 3rd Ed.

The company is still working on a resolution and access to these titles will be removed as soon as a resolution is found.