OpenAIR@RGU – monthly update (no.6 – June 2017)


Welcome to the sixth monthly update on OpenAIR@RGU – RGU’s open access institutional repository. Please direct any queries to the team at


The repository currently contains 2,223 records. Some examples of recent additions to the repository include the following outputs:

  • = BREMNER, P.A.M. 2017. From fourth year to the outside world: are we making our fashion graduates ‘work ready’ – are their skills transferable into the workplace? Presented at the 3rd International enhancement in higher education conference: inspiring excellence, transforming the student experience, 6-8 June 2017, Glasgow, UK.

Each School currently has the following number of records on OpenAIR (research data is in a separate diagram):




This month, there have been a total of 6,360 downloads from OpenAIR. The most downloaded items include:


  • = TOURISH, D. and HARGIE, O. 2004. Communication audits: building world class communication systems. In OLIVER, S. (ed.) Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations: Pure and Applied. London: Routledge, pages 131-144. (121 downloads)

The most downloaded theses this month include:

  • = VISWANATHAN, A. 2005. Using Orthogonal Arrays to Train Artificial Neural Networks. Robert Gordon University, MPhil thesis. (404 downloads)
  • = SSENDI, L.B. 2013. Entrepreneurship Activities in Rural Tanzania: Understanding Women’s Micro Business. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (153 downloads)
  • = ROBERTSON, D.M. 2012. Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning in New Graduate Occupational Therapists: a Phenomenological Study. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis. (89 downloads)

The above data were correct at the time of writing (22.06.2017).

On campus access to OGEL fixed

We are pleased to report that the on campus access issue reported in this post has now been resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience and if you have any issues regarding resource access please contact

And just a reminder that the username and password for off campus access to OGEL has been updated.

To get the new details please email the library at 

OGEL: on campus access problems and new password for off campus access

We are currently experiencing problems with access to OGEL (Oil, Gas & Energy Law) when on campus.

We have reported this to the company and are working to resolve the problem. We apologise for the incovenience and will update when we know more.

In addition the username and password for off campus access to OGEL has been updated.

To get the new details please email the library at