DanceLive 2016 at RGU


Two people journey through time, space and site, connected mouth to mouth by an almost invisible thread. Invisible Lines is a visually arresting,  intimate and playful performance exploring human connectedness, trust and risk.

Potent images emerge and fade, transforming as soon as they have settled. The people exchange spaces, weight and glances, sometimes falling through space, sometimes resting in quiet repose. The thread dissolves and reappears in the light, flickering tenderly.

Devised and performed by UK-based dance artists Saffy Setohy and Luke Birch. Conceived by Saffy Setohy.

Co-commissioned by South East Dance and Le Phare Centre Choréographique National du Havre Haute-Normandie, as part of DanSCe Dialogues 2.

Friday 21 October

Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University.

3pm & 4pm

Free (just turn up)

This performance lasts 15 minutes

Earth Sounds: Live Art Installation

Earth Sounds Photo Shoot Web Size 09

Earth Sounds – live art installation & dance performance

1 -5 February 2016

Lower atrium, The Sir Ian Wood Building, RGU.

Imogene Newland & Ross Whyte

The live art installation Earth Sounds will explore soil as a medium of vibrational transference connecting the physical body to the earth and the sonic space of the city beyond. Within this framework, the performers will explore the choreographic potential of the female body and the medium of soil as a metaphor for fertility, destruction and transformation.

Using contact microphones and geophones placed within a mound of soil, beginning with the minute sounds of the dancer’s movements beneath the soil, the soundscape gradually expands to pick up low frequency reverberation of the city. The project will  explore potential interactions between earth, movement and sound.

The residency will culminate in a FREE performance of the work at 7.30pm on Friday 5th February in the lower atrium, The Sir Ian Wood Building, RGU.

Aerial Dance at RGU

All or nothing

Three’s a Crowd is an aerial dance theatre show with harness flying, aerial acrobatics, circus, dance and theatre.

See it here at RGU on Friday 16th October 3.30pm & 7.30pm in Sir Ian Wood Building.

Tickets £10, £5 Concs & £15 Pay It Forward

Why not give it a try? Aerial Dance Workshops

Thursday 15th October 4pm-5.30pm & Friday 16th October 10am-11.30am Sir Ian Wood Building £5


‘TIPPING POINT’ : live art installation 10-11 December


‘TIPPING POINT’ is a live art installation for two dancers and musical materials. Employing sheet music and loose piano keys, the dancers appear as two facets of a divided self. This twenty-minute work draws upon an anti-virtuosic aesthetic in order to question the habitual appearance of physical effortlessness found within the concert hall.

Both dancers exhibit moments of extraordinary physical skill while at the same time announcing, through vocalization and exaggerated breathing patterns, the intense proposition of pushing one’s own corporeal boundaries.

The name ‘TIPPING POINT is therefore derived from a sense of being off balance, or out of control. The piece provides a visual link between music and breath on the one hand and death and silence on the other.

‘TIPPING POINT’ will be live in the Amphitheatre, Riverside East 10-11 December.

This performance is brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of ‘Open House’ 2014