Journals A-Z list problems update

We are pleased to announce that the problems reported yesterday with the Journal A-Z list have been resolved and you will now see links to online journals and information about what years are available.

There are still some changes to be made to restore the layout of the results page fully but these will resolve over the weekend and do not affect being able to find out what is available or get access to the journals.

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience and please get in touch at if you have any further problems.

Problem with Journal A-Z list

We are currently experiencing problems with our A-Z list of Journal Titles which is accessible from the library web pages and from the library catalogue.

After performing a search or browsing users are seeing journal titles but no other information i.e. links to access the journals or what years are available.

We are very sorry for the incovenience this is causing, we have reported it to the company and will update you once we know more.

New occupational health journal now available

The library is pleased to announce that we now have access to the journal Occupational Health at Work.

The journal provides “expertly written legal, practical and management occupational health information” and looks at a full range of OH topics such as mental health, occupational asthma, absence management, managing disability at work, and more. Some recent articles include:

  • Excellence in OH nurse education (Volume 14, Issue 1)
  • Is PPE working for women? (Volume 13, Issue 6)
  • Safeguarding the mental health of employees (Volume 13, Issue 5)

To access this journal please contact the library for the username and password by emailing and then use the Find a Journal search from the library home page to get a link to the journal home page. Once there log in and you will be able to search and browse for journal articles.

New health journals available

RGU library is pleased to announce that we now have access to a new journal collection called Health Professionals. The collection includes the titles:

  • British journal of healthcare management
  • British journal of hospital medicine
  • Dental nursing
  • International journal of therapy and rehabilitation
  • International paramedic practice
  • Journal of paramedic practice
  • Practice management


And backfiles from the Journal of operating department practitioners.

These journals can be accessed from the database list under the title Health Professionals. Or alternatively the titles can be found individually on our main journals list which can be accessed from the library home page using the “Find a Journal” search box. Simply search for the journal title and then follow the links provided to get access to the journal contents.

Access problems to OUP Journals – Update

On the 10th February we reported access issues to Oxford University Press journals and we are pleased to report that these journals and the articles within them can now all be accessed fully.

There is still an issue with some articles showing a “shopping cart” icon next to them implying they need to be bought but if you follow the link to the article you will get access to the full text. Oxford University Press are working on fixing this icon problem.