24 Hour Library Opening


24 hour opening has now begun and the library will be open continuously until 8.00pm on Friday 20th January.

Security staff will be on duty overnight and the self service kiosks and returns machine will be available as usual. If you have any questions during these times, please email library@rgu.ac.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Costa will be open from 06.00 – Midnight each day and Papa Johns from 11.00 to Midnight (Mon – Fri from Jan 9th). A Flavia drinks machine will be available free of charge from Midnight until 06.00 each night in the Amphitheatre.

The usual rules about eating and drinking in the library still apply though so we would ask that you don’t bring coffee, tea or snacks into the study areas. Bottled water only please! You can pick up a free, reusable RGU Library water bottle at reception 🙂

This year First Aberdeen will be trialling a new U1 Late Night Bus Service which will run from 9th – 20th January! Buses will leave RGU at 01.15, 02.15, 03.15 and 04.15 from Monday to Friday. We’d like to thank both First Bus and our colleagues at RGU:Union for this great initiative will help keep you safe and to get the most out of your extended Library Service.

We hope you find these extra opening hours useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Library Opening Hours over Christmas and the New Year … plus 24/7 coming soon!


Friday 23rd December                    Open 8am – 12noon

Saturday 24th December               Closed          

Sunday 25th December                  Closed          

Monday 26th December                 Closed          

Tuesday 27th December                Closed          

Wednesday 28th December           Open 9am – 5pm          

Thursday 29th December               Open 9am – 5pm

Friday 30th December                    Open 9am – 1pm          

Saturday 31st December                Closed          

Sunday 1st January                        Closed          

Monday 2nd January                      Closed

Tuesday 3rd January                      Closed

          24 HOUR OPENING

Wednesday 4th January until Friday 20th January

Last night of 24/7 and start of vacation opening hours


24 hour library opening ends on Friday 20th May when the library will close at 8pm………..so tonight is your last chance for some overnight study!

We then start our vacation opening hours on Saturday 21st May so please check them out on our web pages.

We would welcome your feedback on 24 hour opening – please send any thoughts, comments or suggestions to library@rgu.ac.uk.

24/7 Library Opening from Monday 11th April

24 hour

The Library will be open 24/7 from Monday 11th April until Friday 20th May to provide additional study time as we approach the exam period. Security staff will provide assistance overnight and self service facilities will be available to allow you to borrow and return books during this period.

A normal FirstBus service will be running so remember to check bus times or organise alternative transport before leaving to make your journey home. 

Don’t forget to take regular breaks away from your studies. Costa Coffee will be open 24/7 during this period and two vending machines with water, cold drinks and snacks have also been installed. You’ll find them in the area just to the left as you exit the lift from Level 5 on Level 2a. A water fountain is located on Level 3 near the Sir Ian Wood Building reception.

If you have any questions or comments about 24/7 opening please get in touch with us at library@rgu.ac.uk.


Last night of 24/7 opening


24 hour library opening ends at 8pm on Saturday 23rd January … which means tonight is the last opportunity for some night time study!

Normal semester opening hours start again on Sunday but we’ll be back with 24/7 again in April and May for the second semester assessments.

We would welcome your feedback on 24 hour opening – please send any thoughts, comments or suggestions to library@rgu.ac.uk.