Lunchtime Jazz

Friday 11th March will be the penultimate pop up jazz session this academic year. Guitar Journey Duet will play 11.45-13.30 in the Amphitheatre of the SIWB, alternatively at the Blue Lamp on Thursday (10th) March.

Guitar Journey Duet – two of Europe’s leading acoustic players take you on a musical exploration of the guitar’s history from its origins in Spain and North Africa across Brazil, Cuba and Central America.

Guitar Journey Duet brings together two virtuosic acoustic players of vast experience, flair and musicality. Sardinian Giorgio Serci has the distinction of having worked with both Dr John and the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as jazz guitar master Martin Taylor, Jools Holland and Shirley Bassey, and for over a decade Jonny Phillips has led the Latin American-influenced Oriole, one of the most accomplished bands on the UK jazz scene, whose albums and live performances have consistently won extravagant critical praise.

Serci and Phillips have immersed themselves in the music of Spain, North Africa and the Americas, studying flamenco and the dance rhythms that carry Hispanic and Latin American melodies and together they transmit their passion for guitar music and the instrument itself with real feeling, beautiful musicianship and sincere melodic engagement with the audience.

Pop-up jazz is brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of Open House 2015.

Lunchtime Jazz

KAte Peters

Described as a collection of some of the finest young jazz musicians in the country, fronted by an exceptional and versatile vocalist, the Kate Peters Quartet features Martin Longhawn on piano, Tim Carter on Drums, John Marley on bass.

Kate Peters and her band will be playing at The Blue Lamp on Thursday 25th February, alternatively see them here at our free pop-up lunchtime jazz session on Friday 26th February, noon-2pm, the Amphitheatre, SIWB.

Lunchtime jazz is brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of Open House 2015.

‘TIPPING POINT’ : live art installation 10-11 December


‘TIPPING POINT’ is a live art installation for two dancers and musical materials. Employing sheet music and loose piano keys, the dancers appear as two facets of a divided self. This twenty-minute work draws upon an anti-virtuosic aesthetic in order to question the habitual appearance of physical effortlessness found within the concert hall.

Both dancers exhibit moments of extraordinary physical skill while at the same time announcing, through vocalization and exaggerated breathing patterns, the intense proposition of pushing one’s own corporeal boundaries.

The name ‘TIPPING POINT is therefore derived from a sense of being off balance, or out of control. The piece provides a visual link between music and breath on the one hand and death and silence on the other.

‘TIPPING POINT’ will be live in the Amphitheatre, Riverside East 10-11 December.

This performance is brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of ‘Open House’ 2014