Isurv: updated username and password

The username and password for off campus access to the Isurv database has now been updated for the new academic year. To get the new username and password either follow this link or contact the library by email

Isurv is a fantastic resource from the RICS and gives information about surveying, construction, planning and much more.


And it can be accessed from the A-Z list of databases or the subject lists of databases for Architecture, Construction and Surveying.

Problems accessing the Isurv database on campus

We are sorry to report that there is a problem with on campus access to the Isurv database (accessible from several database by subject lists and the A-Z list of databases).

This database is usually accessible on campus with no username and password however currently when trying to access material users are being told that “this document is only available to subscribers” and being asked to log in.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing; we have reported this problem and are working on finding a solution.

In the mean time to get access simply use the off campus username and password, which can be found here:, whether you are on or off campus.