‘Nursing – Art and Science’, a new series of Henry Stewart Talks in the Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection

300x250-3BiosciThis month’s additions to Henry Stewart Talks Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection include a new series ‘Nursing – art and science’, edited by Prof. Lesley Baillie and Dr. Elaine Maxwell. This series covers key areas within nursing such as the nurse’s role and contribution to healthcare experiences. Lectures include ‘The nurse’s contribution to clinical research and evidence-based practice’ by Dr. Susan Hamer and ‘Family-centred care for children with long-term conditions’ by Prof. Imelda Coyne. There are also new lectures and updates added to several existing series, including a new lecture on ‘Hepatitis B virus (HBV)’ by Prof. Marco Olivera-Martinez. Follow the link above and login with your RGU institutional credentials to access the talks.

New releases to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, HS Talks

300x250-3BiosciNew additions to the Collection include talks in a new series ‘Adaptive Clinical Trial Design’, edited by Prof. Yu Shyr. This series examines adaptive clinical trials design and analysis, and covers both theoretical and practical issues encountered in the frequentist and the Bayesian-based framework. There are also new lectures and updates added to several existing series, including the addition of a new lecture on ‘Malaria – changing paradigms’ by Prof. Janet Cox-Singh, and an update of Professor Martin Buck’s lecture on ‘Nucleotide Dependent Functioning of Bacterial Enhancer Binding Proteins, Activators of Sigma54 RNA Polymerase’. This release also includes a talk by Dr. Paul Jennings on ‘Molecular basis of genetic renal diseases’ which discusses the kidney’s role in whole body homeostasis and extra cellular fluid volume regulation as well as genetic defects which can have serious consequences for health.  There is also a new lecture from Prof. Michael Young on ‘Translating retinal stem cells’ in which he discusses cell replacement of rods and cones for groups of hereditary diseases causing retinal degeneration.

Access HS Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection from the Library resources libguide.

“Risk of bias in randomized clinical trials” – HSTalks Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection


This month’s additions to Henry Stewart Talks The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection include the release of a new series ‘The Risk of Bias in Randomized Clinical Trials‘, edited by Dr. Vance Berger. This series examines how specific study features are connected with a greater or lesser risk of bias, as well as statistical methods to detect data fraud and errors.  Lectures include Adaptive designs for phase I trials by Professor Anastasia Ivanova, and Data fraud in clinical trials by Professor Stephen George. There are also new lectures added to several existing series; Professor Iain Macdougall examines Anaemia in Chronic Kidney Disease, whilst Professor Russell Foster presents Defining the 3rd photoreceptor system within the eye.

The release also includes a two part talk by Professor David Seder on ‘Post-resuscitation syndrome after cardiac arrest‘ which discusses how to protect the brain and other vital organs.  Dr. Michael Ardern-Jones talks about the diagnosis, causes and treatment of eczema in his lecture ‘Atopic eczema: synonymous atopic dermatitis‘. Follow the padlock symbol to login via the Shibboleth organization login route.