Economist Access Problems

We are currently experiencing problems access the Economist.

We apologise for the incovenience this is causing, we are investigating this with the company and will update once we have more information.

In the meantime there is a potential workaround which has had success for some students (although not all).

On Campus

  • Go to
  • It should recognise you are on campus and give you access without the need to log in
  • Look down the page for the “previous editions” link to access older material

Off Campus

  • Go to the RGU website and click Current Students at the top of the screen
  • When on the Current Students page click Access to Apps
  • Log in with your RGU username and password when prompted (you may need to download the citrix receiver but the screeen will guide you)
  • Once logged in look for either Internet Explorer or Firefox and open them up – this replicates being on campus
  • Then simply follow the steps listed for On Campus students above


Access to The Economist

the-economistAccess to The Economist via IP Access has been provided by University Library via, and includes archives dating back to 1997. This is granted without a need to log-in as long as you are within the University IP range on campus.

You can also register an individual account as doing so will allow you to sign up to receive special offers and our Editor’s picks newsletter, a selection of articles from this week’s issue of The Economist.

Once registered, you can access selected content via The Economist app and one article a week via The Economist Espresso app, simply log in using your registered e-mail address and password. For more information about The Economist app and digital editions, please visit