New eBooks available on the catalogue

The library is pleased to announce that you can now find even more eBooks from University Scholarship Press Online through the library catalogue as around 900 titles have been added to the library catalogue this month.

This includes books from publishers like Oxford University Press, Edinburgh University Press and many more. The books will come up in your results when you search for the libray catalogue and cover topics such as busines, economics, philosophy, education, sociology and many more.


Books from the Joanna Briggs Institute now available

The library is pleased to announce that we now have access to 23 books on evidence-based practice from the Joanna Briggs Institute. These books will help you to understand the JBI model of evidence-based healthcare and appraise qualitative and quantitative research.

The books are all accessible from the library catalogue (simply search for the title and follow the electronic access link) and are found on the Ovid platform. If you would like to browse through the titles you can follow the link to Ovid Books from the A-Z list of databases, and scroll through the list to find the relevant titles.

The titles available in this collection are:

  • A Comparison of Meta-Aggregation and Meta-Ethnography as Qualitative Review Methods
  • CAN-Implement¬©: Planning for Best-Practice Implementation
  • Clinical Wisdom and Evidence-Based Healthcare
  • Critically Appraising Evidence for Healthcare
  • Guideline Adaptation: Conducting Systematic, Exhaustive, and Reproducible Searches
  • Implementing Evidence Using an Action Research Framework
  • International Collaboration in Translational Health Science
  • Knowledge Translation in Healthcare
  • Public Engagement in Translating Knowledge to Action
  • Stakeholder Engagement: The Role of Tacit Knowledge and Value Statements in Translational Science
  • Statistics for Systematic Review Authors
  • Synthesis of Prevalence and Incidence Data, The
  • Synthesizing Descriptive Evidence
  • Synthesizing Economic Evidence
  • Synthesizing Evidence from Narrative, Text and Opinion
  • Synthesizing Evidence of Diagnostic Accuracy
  • Synthesizing Evidence of Harm
  • Synthesizing Evidence of Risk
  • Synthesizing Qualitative Evidence
  • Synthesizing Quantitative Evidence
  • The Historical Emergence of Qualitative Synthesis
  • Translation Science and the JBI Model of Evidence-Based Healthcare
  • Turning Knowledge into Action: Practical Guidance on How to Do Integrated Knowledge Translation Research

We hope these are useful to you and if you have any queries please get in touch at

MyiLibrary ebook print/download quotas

We have received the following guidance from MyiLibrary regarding print/download quotas for ebooks on their platform.  Please contact us at if more information is needed, thank you.

MyiLibrary offers a %-based PMP/DMP (print multiple pages/download multiple pages). The total number of pages allowed is subject to publisher approval and for most publishers it is 10% per session with the exception of Pearson and OUP at 5%.

What this means for the students, is that when downloading a page range from a particular e-book, they would be advised of the maximum number of pages they may download:

Download page range

Once they have taken their %quota they are not permitted to download any more pages from the same e-book, and so if they try to download a further 10% they would receive a message stating this:

Download page range

Since copyright law does not allow students to print out more than a specified percentage of an e-book, when it seems that they are actively downloading/printing out substantial sections of the e-book and in some cases, the whole e-book by downloading in batches via different sessions/IPs, then we would investigate to see if a breach of the download agreement has occurred.

If we feel this to be the case, then MyiLibrary will take steps to prevent the excessive usage by switching off the PMP/DMP facility for the whole account. We would also contact the University with statistics evidence to request that they investigate as a priority.


New “How to write a research dissertation” eBook – download for free 9th to 13th November


From the 9th to 13th November you can download the new eBook “How to write a research dissertation” for free.

It has been written by Professor Frank Rennie and Professor Keith Smyth of UHI and it is a “short, practical guide with tips and suggested activities relating to key stages of the process. A range of topics is covered, from first steps in understanding research through to writing the final report.”

You can take a look at the companion website here: and site has been designed to support use of the text with additional resources such as video, audio, digital artefacts and useful external links.

And you can download the eBook for free over at Amazon up until the 13th November:

This book has been written as part of a Jisc project, find out about it here.