Dawsonera eBook download problem resolved

We are pleased to report that the problem with downloading Dawsonera eBooks reported in this post has now been resolved and titles can now be downloaded as before.

Please note that Dawsonera eBooks are currently available in either a PDF or ePub format. If the title you would like to download is in an ePub format you will need Adobe Digital Editions to open the file and this is not available on on-campus machines. However you should be able to download this off-campus if you chose to do so.

We apologise for the incovenience this caused and please get in touch with us at library@rgu.ac.uk if you have any queries at all.


New eBooks available on the catalogue

The library is pleased to announce that you can now find even more eBooks from University Scholarship Press Online through the library catalogue as around 900 titles have been added to the library catalogue this month.

This includes books from publishers like Oxford University Press, Edinburgh University Press and many more. The books will come up in your results when you search for the libray catalogue and cover topics such as busines, economics, philosophy, education, sociology and many more.