Problems accessing eBooks from Dawsonera

We are currently experiencing problems with access to some eBooks from Dawsonera. After following the link to the book from the library catalogue, and logging in when prompted, some titles are showing a message stating:

  • This book is coming soon to Dawsonera

Instead of giving access to the book. Although this is not happening to all titles and so you will continue to get access to some eBooks from Dawsonera.

This has been reported to the company and is being investigated. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and we will update you when we know more.

Library classes this week!

For the rest of this week the following programme of library classes will be running. If you would like to attend a session follow the links to go to the booking form and sign up. Each class will last for one hour and take place in 337 in the Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre.

To see the full programme of classes over the next semester follow this link.

Quiz Night & Free Lunch

Following ‘Support Sarah’s Swim’ when student Sarah Schmid swam Loch Lomond to raise awareness of the TLC Food-bank at Inchgarth Community Centre TLC wish to thank-you by inviting members of the RGU community to take part in their Quiz night this Thursday and also to join them for lunch at the community centre on Sunday.

Support Sarah’s Swim was brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of ‘Open House’

TLC Poster

New past exam papers web page

A new past exam papers web page has just been added to the library web pages. It gives information about what schools have past exam papers available, which do not, and if they are available where to find them.

The web page is linked to from the eResources section of the library web pages but to take a direct look please click this link:

Past exam papers

Please note that while the library endeavors to keep this page up to date the most recent information will be held by each school so if you have any queries about past exam papers availability or access please contact your school for full information.