Library classes and drop-in sessions

If you would like to find out how to search for books, eBooks, and journal articles then sign up for one of the Library research skills classes we are running each week.

Each week we are running these classes on different days and times, they last for an hour and will give you the fundamentals of what you need to find resources for your essays and projects!

The timetable is available here: library classes and drop in sessions and you can sign up for sessions by just clicking the session you are interested in and filling in a form.

But of course sometimes you have a question not covered by these classes, need a quick answer, or would like to speak to someone one to one.

Therefore when the classes are not being run IT Lab 337 is open for everyone to use / drop in to and a member of library staff will be available to answer any questions you have about searching for information. We look forward to seeing you there.

‘TIPPING POINT’ : live art installation 10-11 December


‘TIPPING POINT’ is a live art installation for two dancers and musical materials. Employing sheet music and loose piano keys, the dancers appear as two facets of a divided self. This twenty-minute work draws upon an anti-virtuosic aesthetic in order to question the habitual appearance of physical effortlessness found within the concert hall.

Both dancers exhibit moments of extraordinary physical skill while at the same time announcing, through vocalization and exaggerated breathing patterns, the intense proposition of pushing one’s own corporeal boundaries.

The name ‘TIPPING POINT is therefore derived from a sense of being off balance, or out of control. The piece provides a visual link between music and breath on the one hand and death and silence on the other.

‘TIPPING POINT’ will be live in the Amphitheatre, Riverside East 10-11 December.

This performance is brought to you by the Cultural Animateur-in-Residence as part of ‘Open House’ 2014

Digimap updates inc data available in new formats

Digimap Logo

The library recently received information from Digimap about data being available in new formats and download delays and we wanted to share this with you. To start with:

MasterMap in New Formats

EDINA have been busy over the summer making improvements to the Data Download service and as a result you can now order OS MasterMap Topography Layer in formats ready for use in GIS or CAD software rather than having to convert the data first. We have also updated the Basket in Data Download to make it more obvious how you can do this. The data is available directly in DWG format for CAD software and File Geodatabase for ArcGIS and QGIS, see the following blog posts for more information:

And secondly:

Data Download Delays:

One consequence of the addition of the new formats is that it can sometimes take longer for your OS MasterMap data to arrive than it has in the past (although most of the time OS MasterMap data will be ready for download in less than 20 minutes, at busy times it can take over 2 hours to get your data) . This is a seasonal occurrence with October / November being the busiest time of the year and while we are still operating within the promise of a maximum 48 hour wait, the longer times are still catching some people out. The reason is that the conversion process to create OS MasterMap data in the new formats can take some time to run on orders for large areas. If we get many of these large orders that need conversion, all at the same time, it can cause delays even for smaller orders with no conversion requested.

We are looking at our system architecture to see how we can ensure that there is always capacity for small orders to be processed quickly, and to increase capacity for all orders in general. In the meantime there are a few measures you can take to help get your data quicker:

  1. Firstly try and avoid busy times, mornings are better than afternoons and the beginning of the week is better than the end.
  2. If you’re ordering multiple datasets, put your OS MasterMap data in a separate order. Your non-OS MasterMap data will generally be available before your OS MasterMap data.
  3. Order data ahead of time, particularly for practicals that require working with downloaded data.

Digimap can be accessed from the databases by subject lists on either the architecture, construction, or surveying lists.

Harvard Referencing Lectures

As well as the weekly classes about Harvard Referencing that you can sign up for and attend (see the timetable for dates and times) the library is also running lectures about Harvard referencing throughout semester 1. Two of these have already run but there are still two left you could attend.

They are open for everyone to attend. You do not need to book but places will be available on a first come first served basis. Please see below for the dates, times, and locations of these sessions.

Date Time Location
11/11/14 13.00-14.00 ABS 224
17/11/2014 12.00-13.00 N309

So the next one is next week on Tuesday 11th November at 13.00 in ABS 224. We look forward to seeing you there.

Library classes this week

For the rest of this week the following programme of library classes will be running. If you would like to attend a session follow the links to go to the booking form and sign up. Each class will last for one hour and take place in 337 in the Georgina Scott Sutherland Learning Centre. To see the full programme of classes over the next semester follow this link.