Lexis Library Access Problems Update

Following our messages last week about the problems accessing Lexis Library News content we wanted to update you with some changes we have made in response to the problem.

1) We have updated our access link to the main Lexis Library site, this means that when you click the news or international content link on Lexis Library you should get access to them.

2) We have added direct links to the new News and International Content sites to our database list.

See the new links here: A-Z database list.

However the changes made by Lexis Library to their website means that many of the direct links to newspapers, journals etc. have now stopped working.  Therefore we will be removing the broken links from LibrarySearch and we will work through getting working links re-added. This will take some time so if you are looking for newspaper or journal content from Lexis Library please go to the main databases (linked above) and search for them there.

We apologise for the problems this is causing and will update you with any further changes.

Opening Hours – Student Break, 24/7 & Easter

Planning to hit the library during the Student April Break next week?

Don’t panic! We know that exams are approaching fast so the library will be open as usual. Full details of opening hours can be found here.

  • Coming soon!

24/7 library opening will begin on Monday 15th April and continue until Friday 17th May (including the Easter period).