Bloomsbury Scots Law titles on Lexis + being removed

We have recently been informed that from 1st April 23 the Bloomsbury Scots Law titles will no longer be available on the Lexis + platform and we are in discussions with both companies about this change.

This includes core titles such as Contract Law in Scotland and Employment Law in Scotland.

Access to titles in this collection will be made available in April on the Bloomsbury platform but after that point they will no longer be accessible.

Information about access to the Bloomsbury platform will be made available in March but you can still access the titles on Lexis + until 31st March 23.

The titles and links to the records to give you access can be found by following this link:

Bloomsbury Titles on Lexis for students Feb 23

Please continue to follow Lexis terms and conditions and copyright restrictions when accessing these titles.

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