Open Access Week 2018 – Blogpost #5


Welcome to the last of our special blogposts for Open Access Week 2018! It has been a busy week, but we hope that many people at RGU have learned a bit more about Open Access and are interested in continuing the conversation beyond today.

During our earlier blogposts, we looked at several issues associated with this year’s theme of “designing equitable foundations for open knowledge”. We considered the impact of communication limitations, identifying significant areas of the world as at risk of being marginalised in an online and predominantly English-speaking research environment, because of language barriers and limited Internet access. We also considered the role of wealth as an unbalancing factor in open research, with the danger of marginalising poorer individuals and groups if their needs are not properly accounted for in discussions around how to progress with Open Access. Finally, we also considered the needs of non-academic audiences, which need to be addressed by ensuring easy discovery and intelligibility of open research for it to be truly equitable and not simply the preserve of academics.

If you haven’t already, you might want to read those blogposts and think about whether there is anything that you personally can do to foster equality in an open future. Meanwhile, for the publications team, we return to “business as usual,” but that doesn’t mean that we stop doing Open Access! We are always happy to discuss Open Access and related issues, so please feel free to get in touch either in person at the library, or by e-mail at

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