“Risk of bias in randomized clinical trials” – HSTalks Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection


This month’s additions to Henry Stewart Talks The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection include the release of a new series ‘The Risk of Bias in Randomized Clinical Trials‘, edited by Dr. Vance Berger. This series examines how specific study features are connected with a greater or lesser risk of bias, as well as statistical methods to detect data fraud and errors.  Lectures include Adaptive designs for phase I trials by Professor Anastasia Ivanova, and Data fraud in clinical trials by Professor Stephen George. There are also new lectures added to several existing series; Professor Iain Macdougall examines Anaemia in Chronic Kidney Disease, whilst Professor Russell Foster presents Defining the 3rd photoreceptor system within the eye.

The release also includes a two part talk by Professor David Seder on ‘Post-resuscitation syndrome after cardiac arrest‘ which discusses how to protect the brain and other vital organs.  Dr. Michael Ardern-Jones talks about the diagnosis, causes and treatment of eczema in his lecture ‘Atopic eczema: synonymous atopic dermatitis‘. Follow the padlock symbol to login via the Shibboleth organization login route.



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