DanceLive 2016 at RGU


Two people journey through time, space and site, connected mouth to mouth by an almost invisible thread. Invisible Lines is a visually arresting,  intimate and playful performance exploring human connectedness, trust and risk.

Potent images emerge and fade, transforming as soon as they have settled. The people exchange spaces, weight and glances, sometimes falling through space, sometimes resting in quiet repose. The thread dissolves and reappears in the light, flickering tenderly.

Devised and performed by UK-based dance artists Saffy Setohy and Luke Birch. Conceived by Saffy Setohy.

Co-commissioned by South East Dance and Le Phare Centre Choréographique National du Havre Haute-Normandie, as part of DanSCe Dialogues 2.

Friday 21 October

Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University.

3pm & 4pm

Free (just turn up)

This performance lasts 15 minutes

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