MyiLibrary ebook print/download quotas

We have received the following guidance from MyiLibrary regarding print/download quotas for ebooks on their platform.  Please contact us at if more information is needed, thank you.

MyiLibrary offers a %-based PMP/DMP (print multiple pages/download multiple pages). The total number of pages allowed is subject to publisher approval and for most publishers it is 10% per session with the exception of Pearson and OUP at 5%.

What this means for the students, is that when downloading a page range from a particular e-book, they would be advised of the maximum number of pages they may download:

Download page range

Once they have taken their %quota they are not permitted to download any more pages from the same e-book, and so if they try to download a further 10% they would receive a message stating this:

Download page range

Since copyright law does not allow students to print out more than a specified percentage of an e-book, when it seems that they are actively downloading/printing out substantial sections of the e-book and in some cases, the whole e-book by downloading in batches via different sessions/IPs, then we would investigate to see if a breach of the download agreement has occurred.

If we feel this to be the case, then MyiLibrary will take steps to prevent the excessive usage by switching off the PMP/DMP facility for the whole account. We would also contact the University with statistics evidence to request that they investigate as a priority.


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