Resource spotlight: Journal of Travel Research

This is part of a series of spotlights on resources available from the RGU library service.


The Journal of Travel Research is a “peer-reviewed research journal focusing on travel and tourism behavior, management and development”. It is up-to-date and covers international and multidisciplinary research on topics such as behavioral trends and management theory in this dynamic industry

Some recent articles are:

Tourists’ Life Satisfaction at Home and Away: A Tale of Two Cities
Written byPenny M. Simpson, Judy A. Siguaw and Xiaojing Sheng. Published in 2016 in volume 55, issue 2, pp. 161-175.

Smartphone Use in Everyday Life and Travel
Written by Dan Wang, Zheng Xiang, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier. Published in 2016 in volume 55, issue 1, pp. 52-63.

Length of Stay at Multiple Destinations of Tourism Trips in Brazil
Written by Glauber Eduardo de Oliveira Santos, Vicente Ramos, and Javier Rey-Maquieira. Published in 2015 in volume 54, issue 6, pp. 788-800.

RGU library service provides access to this journal online from 1999 to the present day from Sage Premier.

To take a look at the online journal you can always get access to it from the library’s journal list, simply follow the link, search for the journal, click the “S” icon, read the access information and then click the “Go” button to get access.

Alternatively you can follow this link, click “Go”, log in with your RGU username and password when prompted and see what the Journal of Travel Research journal has to offer.

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