New way to access the Architect’s Journal and Nursing Times Websites

aj-logo  nt logo

There is now a new procedure for you to access the content on the Architect’s Journal and Nursing Times websites.

The first time that you access the sites you will be asked to register and pick your own username and password. After that you will follow the link and sign in using the username and password you chose.

Please note you must make sure to use your email address when registering to identify you as an RGU student or staff member.

So simply follow these steps to get access:

  • Go to the library home page:
  • Enter the name of the journal in the “Find a Journal” search box and search
  • From the list of reuslts locate the journal and click the “S” icon
  • You will then be given a link and authentication instructions, click Go to be taken to the journal website
  • If this is the first time you have accessed the website, register using your RGU email address and make sure to pick a username and password you will remember
  • If you have already registered find the sign in link in the top right, click it and sign in


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