BookMyne app issues for some Android users

If you use our BookMyne catalogue app on an Android device, and if that device also has Google Chrome as the default browser, you might be finding that BookMyne isn’t working for you right now.

This has been caused by a recent Google Chrome update and our suppliers are working as quickly as possible to fix it.

We will update again when we have further news, thank you for your patience meantime.

5 thoughts on “BookMyne app issues for some Android users”

  1. Hi – Thank you for this post. When I read your post it makes me think if I make a browser other than Chrome the default browser on my android device that Bookmyne will work better. Is that correct?


    1. Hello and thank you for your query.

      Unfortunately we can’t be certain that changing your default browser will definitely resolve the issue for you, so we wouldn’t recommend making such alterations to your device. Our suppliers are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and they should be coming up with a fix shortly, so hopefully there will not be too much longer to wait. We can make sure to let you know as soon as it’s fixed. In the meantime let us know if we can be of any further assistance, particularly if the lack of BookMyne is causing you problems. Thank you.

  2. I have an Android Note 4 phone and for many months have used BookMyne4 without a problem, until a few days ago when it began requiring me to log in to reach my library (Lockport, NY), but then not completing the log-in process, instead showing “undefined”, punctuated with a red exclamation point. Chrome is one of my browsers, but not my default browser. I have not yet uninstalled it. I have however uninstalled and reinstalled BookMyne4 several times. Do you have any suggestions?

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