Resource spotlight: PetroWiki


PetroWiki is a fantastic free resource from the Society of Petroleum Engineers and you can take a look at it here:

It was created from the seven volume Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH) and all the chapters within these seven volumes can be found in their entirety on the site with PEH before the chapter name.

For example this chapter from volume 2, PEH:Well Control Procedures and Principles or this from volume 6, PEH:Geothermal Engineering.

The PEH pages can not be changed and form the core of the PetroWiki resource.

But you will find more than just the PEH content on the site. The SPE invite their members to add pages to the Wiki to expand on topics or give more up to date information and this means that you can find a wealth of material on lots of petroleum engineering related topics.

For example Fluid Flow in Hydraulically Fractured Wells or this on the Prudhoe Bay Field.

So to use this resource simply go to the Wiki,, search for a topic you are interested in and explore the results.

Remember the pages with PEH at the start are directly from the Petroleum Engineering Handbook and all others have been created and added to the site by SPE members.

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