Resource spotlight: Midwifery

This is part of a series of spotlights on resources available from the RGU library service.


Midwifery is a peer-reviewed journal that published international research related to the safety, quality, outcomes and experiences of pregnancy, birth and maternity care for childbearing women, their babies and families. It helps support midwives and maternity care providers to explore and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes informed by best available evidence.

Some recent articles are:

  • Evaluating the ‘Focus on Normal Birth and Reducing Caesarean section Rates Rapid Improvement Programme’: A mixed method study in England
    Written by Joyce L. Marshall, Helen Spiby, and Felicia McCormick. Published in 2015 in volume 31, issue 2, pp. 332-340.
  • Body image concerns during pregnancy are associated with a shorter breast feeding duration
    Written by Amy Brown, J. and Rance, L. Warren. Published in 2015 in volume 31, issue 1, pp. 80-89.
  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy: Cross-sectional survey
    Written by Lesley Smith, Jack Savory, Jackie Couves, and Ethel Burns. Published in 2014 in volume 30, issue 12, pp. 1173-1178.

RGU library service provides access to this journal online from 1985 to the present day from ScienceDirect and in print from 1995-2006.

To take a look at the online journal you can always get access to it from the library catalogue which includes log in information in the full record section.

Alternatively you can follow this link to the ScienceDirect website and see what Midwifery has to offer*.

*To log in please enter your RGU username and password when prompted.

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