Resource spotlight: British Journal of Psychology

This is part of a series of spotlights on resources available from the RGU library service.

british journal of psychology

The journal British Journal of Psychology publishes original research on all aspects of general psychology including cognition; health and clinical psychology; developmental, social and occupational psychology.

Some recent articles are:

  • Association of personality with physical, social, and mental activities across the lifespan: Findings from US and French samples.
    Written by Stephan, Y., et al. Published in 2014 in volume 105, issue 4, pp. 564-580.
  • Stress in telephone helpline nurses is associated with failures of concentration, attention and memory, and with more conservative referral decisions.
    Written by Allan, J. L., et al. Published in 2014 in volume 105, issue 2, pp. 200–213.
  • We’ll never get past the glass ceiling! Meta-stereotyping, world-views and perceived relative group-worth.
    Written by Owuamalam, C. and Zagefka, H.. Published in 2013 in volume 104, issue 3, pp. 543–562.

RGU library service provides access to this journal online from 1996 to the present day from Wiley and 1975  to the present day (with a one year embargo) from Business Source Complete and in print from 1968 to 2010.

To take a look at the online journal you can always get access to it from the library catalogue which includes log in information in the full record section.

Alternatively you can follow this link to the Wiley website and see what the British Journal of Psychology journal has to offer*.

*To log in please enter your RGU username and password when prompted.

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